Not perfect, but pistes

15 Jan 2017

The Snow Update ...our obligatory ramble about how great everything is here and how much you are missing out on.

We’d all been waiting for it. Praying for it. Dreaming about it. And finally* the snow fell, in bucket loads.

Friday night, as I drove from Geneva into Les Gets, then Morzine, then up to Avoriaz, I found nearly a meter of snow had fallen over just a few days. Saturday it continued. All day. All night. Huge floaty flakes - the kind that settle, instantly covering everything in a thick uniform blanket - cars, roads, houses, trees, mountains and pistes – they disappeared under the snowy promise of delightful first tracks.

The Baltic temperatures ensured the powder stayed light. It was the fluffy stuff, thigh-deep, a dream to ski. By any skiers standards we’d received an epic dump of snow. It was light enough to allow even a nervous skier the chance to dive in and out, on the side of the piste, safely testing out their powder legs. For the rest of us it was face shots as we plunged off piste, through tree runs, down couloirs, across powder bowels. In one perfect run we instantly remembered why we live here. And we live here for #DaysLikeThese

The best part of this incredible gift of snow is that it arrived at a time of Siberian temperatures, so its here to stay creating a deep frozen base that will be skied upon, snowed upon, maybe even rained upon, packing it down so that it lasts deep into spring. We know what we’ll be doing well into May 2017. We’ll be skiing, every inch of this great mountain range.

* My caveat

So here’s the thing that really get’s my goat. This is the asterisk I felt compelled to type. I say ‘finally fell’ in the opening paragraph of this article. As if prior to this we’ve been sat on our laurels, sipping tea, eating mince pies and getting very fat. But in reality we’ve been skiing here since early November when the first massive snowfall fell. The snow fell, the snow cannons went on and the resort started prepping, to ensure no matter what there was always something to ski. We randoneed until early December, then when lifts opened we took the easy way up.


Not perfect, but pistes

Ok so you might have been able to see some green trees at the sides of some of the pistes. Maybe the connection to resort 10 of the 12 resorts of the Portes Du Soleil might have been closed. Or you could see the mountain streams in Linderets as you skied towards Goat Village. But you could always, always ski. The commitment and dedication of the ski area to quite literally move snow to wherever its needed means that as soon as the resort opens in early December you can, absolutely, always ski. Those few weeks might not look like Niseko on a powder day. They might not look like the Portes du Soleil today. But you can ski. You can holiday. You can indulge. In everything the mountain offers. But being organised isn’t really newsworthy. Telling people that everything’s business as usual doesn’t sell papers. The misconception of ‘no snow’ is much more interesting.

So this last week has been incredible. I can’t wait for more snow to arrive. But in truth I am entering my 8th week of skiing here, in a season that promises to be great.

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