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10 Sep 2017

Mark De Rosenwerth is our go to guy for all things ski. As one of the most highly qualified and experienced ski instructors and guides on the mountain, he gives us an insight into what he will be wearing on the slopes this year.

Mark De Rosenwerth's Gear Guide 17/18

As professionals, working on the mountain every day, our equipment is everything. If you are spending everyday at altitude, for 5 months of the year, in all weather conditions, you have to buy technical. We don’t stop until our clients do. We have to be on top form. We have to be ready for every eventuality, that includes staying on the mountain, possibly with an injured client. Whilst it’s not necessary to get the highest technical clothing for a one or two week holiday, having good quality clothing will make those weeks much more enjoyable! This is what I will be wearing this year.


I would always recommend merino wool. It’s a really good natural product. In terms of brand, Skins are good and they are also good for circulationMy wife loves Sweaty Betty although I have no personal experience of how warm they are!


There are loads of options for mid-layers and you can really mix it up. Down insulated. Synthetically insulated. Fleece. Sleeveless. Zip. Hoods. There are endless mid-later possibilities. Use them! Good mid layers will not over heat you but they will make all the difference when the temperature drops. I am fairly committed to Arc'teryx.  Haglöfs is a Swedish brand that has become really popular. Craft also do some great mid layers. 


Peak Performance and Arc'teryx have both been great for me. Last season I was wearing Arc'teryx. I spent all last season teaching in it, carry skis in it, picking kids up, skiing hard, and it was 100% up to the job.


I am currently in Lange and have been for a while and have always been happy with them. I am thinking of moving towards walk and ski boots with a duel functionality that you can switch between. They are light and warm. In fact if you suffer badly from cold feet on the mountain it’s worth investigating this type of boot. They are not plastic underfoot (like standard ski boots) so they are better at retaining heat.


I know. Everyone loves to ski in sunglasses. But they can and will limit your ski day. The weather changes incredibly fast in the mountains, as does the visibility and light conditions. And if it starts to rain or snow and you are in sunglasses, your day is over. I am a fan of the new rimless magnetic goggles that allow you to pop out the lens and change it easily throughout the day. Many friends have been using Anon M2.


Author: Claire Garber

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