A luxury bathroom really can change your life…

11 Jan 2017

It’s science. It’s fact. Some of the greatest ideas ever conceived were done so in the bathroom. Archimedes came up with the principles of density and buoyancy when watching water flow as he drew a bath. Legend has it that the ancient mathematician jumped out of the bath and ran through the streets yelling “Eureka! Eureka!” Film Director, Woody Allen regularly takes showers for inspiration, sometimes standing in the water for close to an hour to get his creative juices flowing.

Why? Because bathrooms provide the trifecta of creative environments for our busy brains


Bathrooms really are a private retreat away from the world. As such, they are relaxing. When we have a relaxed state of mind we're more likely to turn attention inwards and be able to make insightful connections.


When we are enjoying a hot shower or unwinding in the bath, we're distracted. Distraction gives our brains a break so our subconscious can work on a problem more creatively.

Dopamine, the happy drug

Triggers like exercising, listening to music, and, yes, taking a warm shower, contribute to increased dopamine flow. The more dopamine that is released, the more creative we are.

So if you ever looking for inspiration for your next best seller, want to discover a way to measure dark matter, or have been pouring over a work problem for too many unproductive hours find yourself the nearest luxury bathroom and spend some quality time in the shower, or relax in a hot bubble bath.

Here are the creme de la creme of luxury bathrooms around the globe.

The Kingston Tree house at Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa

Fancy something a little close to home?

Then check out The Boutique Chalet Company’s newest kid on the block, Ferme de la Corderie – their newest luxury chalet in Les Gets a veritable bathroom showroom , or take a look at BC’s very own Lux Bathroom Collection.

Science wants you to.

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