The James Bond chalet – Meet the design team

17 Jul 2018

For the last three years, I’ve been working assiduously on Chalet Joux Plane. In my world of interior architecture, it’s rare to meet a client with such an open mind and such a tolerance for my vision.”

Shep & Kyles Interior Designers, on their work on Chalet Joux Plane

The Brief

Working alongside local renowned architect Hervé Marullaz, our brief was to create a bold, strong, elegant space. One that enjoys a unique location, nestled within the side of the mountain, but not dominated by it. Chalet Joux Plane is no ordinary mountain chalet and I’m very proud to have been a part of its conception.

Chalet Joux Plane is a visionary property

Over ten years spent working on interior concepts has developed what I call my ‘Savoie chic’ style; it’s a mix of the contemporary with a local, alpine flavour. Of course, interior styles are always changing and my focus begins with a brief from my client. I tend not to habitually push the boundaries of contemporary modern architecture. Chalet Joux Plane is a visionary property and the owner requested space. Space with a touch of James Bond chic.

Chalet Joux Plane is expansive

Chalet Joux Plane is expansive. Planning the interiors for such a space requires careful consideration. Surfaces and finishes are matt, a nod to the owner’s preferences. There’s a limited colour palette, incorporating just three different shades of grey. Glass, wood and metal are the remaining elements.

The use of glass

A key feature of this property is the distinctive glass atrium, dissecting the centre of the chalet and offering a glimpse of the sublime landscape. The atrium allows natural daylight to pass via a pair of glass floors into the centre of the lower section of the building. Glass is a dominant design feature in all bedrooms too. The external walls in each bedroom are comprised entirely of glass, connecting to beautiful outdoor spaces.



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The use of wood

We’ve used reclaimed wood throughout Chalet Joux Plane, carefully planning and considering each section. The warm colours contrast beautifully with the sharp, modern interiors. We paid particular attention to the layout of the internal wooden walls and ceilings, changing the orientation of feature planks to create detail and interest.

The interconnected outdoor-indoor-outdoor pool

Of course, it’s difficult to talk about Chalet Joux Plane for too long before mentioning the swimming pool. It’s from here that references of ‘the James Bond chalet’ originate. Measuring over 20 metres in length and accessed from the spa area on the lower ground floor, the swimming pool spans the entire width of the property before exiting on either side of the building, creating one interconnected outdoor-indoor-outdoor pool.

Interior furnishings

Interior furnishings are unfussy but opulent. They are minimal yet whimsical. You’ll happen upon a swing seat up in the party zone or a bubble chair in a bedroom. I’ve softened the dramatic tones of the chalet with playful elements to bring the interior architecture alive.


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Author: Kyles Garrett

Interior Designer for Chalet Joux Plane

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