COVID-19 Information
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COVID-19 Information

More than ever we are looking forward to welcoming you back to the mountains. The importance of escaping the day to day and spending time with loved ones in the fresh air of the Alps is more valuable now than ever before. Our private homes – all of which are solely available on an exclusive use basis – are the ideal location to unwind in comfort and privacy both in the winter and summer.

Naturally you may have some concerns about commiting to travel plans at the moment which is why we have been working hard to revise our booking policies with property owners and set in place processes to prioritise your safety when staying with us.

We are pleased to say that all our properties are now being offered with terms to protect you in the event of COVID-19 travel disruption. You can book knowing that should you be unable to leave your country of residence or enter the destination country as a result of government restrictions, or if the ski area is closed, then you will receive a credit for the full value of your booking to use on a future stay.

For those looking for even more flexibility we are also pleased to introduce a new ‘Flexible Rate Plan’. This gives you the freedom to make amendments to your booking for any reason whatsoever up to two weeks before your arrival. The Flexible Rate Plan will thus be ideal for those who have uncertainty in other parts of life. Alongside this our ‘Classic Rate Plan’ will remain to offer the best possible price with a little more commitment from you.

Of course alongside all of this we would like to reassure you that strict health and safety measures are also in place that adhere to the latest government advice. Every property already includes daily housekeeping and even more exacting standards of cleanliness will be applied. We will also be carefully monitoring the health and wellbeing of our staff throughout the season.

All of our holidays are bespoke to you so if you have any questions, concerns or special requests please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We’re ready. Will you come and stay with us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously we must respect the relevant guidelines which we anticipate will continue to evolve. At present, all our staff will wear face coverings when on duty and we have set in place an enhanced cleaning programme which focuses on high contact points. We will also look to control the number of staff in a property at any one time – in short, if they don’t need to be there, they shouldn’t be. For properties that come with a driving service, we envisage reducing the guest capacity of the vehicles from 8 passengers to 6. This means that the front bench seats – which are inevitably in close proximity to the driver – will not be used. Whilst we appreciate that in specific circumstances this may mean it takes slightly longer for your group to get to the slopes, we would hope that this would have only a very minimal impact on guests during their stay – the key will be to plan an itinerary that reduces travel time in any case by utilising the closest lifts and aligning instruction bookings accordingly. This makes sense in any case and our concierge will be able to help advise on the best way to structure your stay.

Given that all our properties are only available on an exclusive use basis and all include daily housekeeping as standard – even when taken on a self catered rental – we are well placed to provide a consistent, high quality service to our guests much in the manner they would have experienced in previous seasons. Our final commitment though is that we will work with each group of guests and adapt accordingly. Some will want even more stringent measures in place, and that is absolutely fine. It is also worth highlighting that even some of our larger properties are available on a luxury self catered basis – which still includes a house manager, driving service and of course, daily housekeeping – but then is the ideal basis from which we can deliver a ‘contactless’ service if that is desired.

If the resort is closed due to COVID-19 related policy you will be entitled to a credit voucher for the full value of your booking allowing you to re-book your holiday at a future point in time.

Yes, but this won’t be for the full value of your booking. The amount will vary depending on various circumstances as set out in our terms and conditions. Whilst we would love to be able to offer a full cash refund all the time, any cancellation, even for COVID-19, will have a significant financial impact on us. Despite this we are committed to protecting you, our valued customer, and the best way we can do this is by asking you to commit to a future stay in the event your plans are affected.

If the borders of your home country or your destination country are closed then you will be entitled to a credit voucher for the full value of your booking. Obviously there could be heightened travel disruption at present which does not come from a border restriction, particularly with the airlines. In this regard why not talk to us to get some advice about self driving or utilising the excellent rail services to the Alps. Not only are these more assured, in most cases they’re probably also better for the environment so now is a great time to consider a new adventure.

This depends. For those choosing to book on our new Flexible Rate Plan, you will be able to cancel the booking in advance of your arrival and receive a credit voucher for the full value of your booking if you would be forced to quarantine for more than 72 hours on your return. Unfortunately this isn’t an option for those on the Classic Rate Plan, so if you need that added certainty you will want to consider booking on the Flexible Rate Plan. Whilst we can’t predict the future, we sincerely hope that testing during travel will be significantly improved over the coming months, greatly reducing the use of lengthy quarantines that have been seen in the early stages of the pandemic.

Clearly if this is going to materially affect your stay then it can’t go ahead… so if the requirement is for more than 24 hours and you choose to cancel the booking in advance of your arrival then you will be entitled to a credit voucher for the full value of your booking. We’ve said 24 hours because we could envisage a situation where a test on arrival takes up to a day to process and in the current context, we don’t feel that is an unreasonable length of time. After all… you’ll be cooped up in your own luxury private home… and will need some of that time to prepare to hit the slopes anyway. It simply means there is a bit more time for rest and relaxation before the adrenaline of tackling that first run.

Whilst this is obviously a tangible benefit to guests who choose to book on that rate plan, the Flexible Rate Plan also allows guests to make amendments to their booking, for any reason, as late as 2 weeks out from their stay. This affords guests a great deal of extra, well, flexibility. So if anything happens in life, not just a pandemic, then you can rearrange your plans accordingly without losing out. The Flexible Rate Plan is something we have been planning to introduce for a while now anyway so it’s here to stay, giving our clients the same choices they would typically have when booking a luxury hotel or a travel service.

Yes the percentage returned on a cancellation in most cases will be higher than if you booked on the Classic Rate Plan, but there will still be a loss if you elect to take a cash refund and not re-book your stay. The amount will vary depending on various circumstances as set out in our terms and conditions. Whilst we would love to be able to offer a full cash refund all the time, any cancellation or amendment still has a significant financial impact on us, so in order for us to provide this flexibility to our clients we encourage you to commit to a future stay in the event your plans need to change. By doing this in many instances you will be able to retain a full credit for your booking.

You can find our full Terms and Conditions here.

Please note, we will endeavour to keep this page up to date however as worldwide advice changes regularly, please contact us to confirm any questions you have and always verify the terms applicable at the point of your booking.

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