Why is massage important after skiing?

08 Feb 2018

Claire Sibon is the in-house Bamford Spa manager with The Boutique Chalet Company. She tells The Journal why massage is so important after skiing and lets us know her favourite Bamford treatments this winter.

On Bamford

Bamford is the most impressive and high quality brand I have ever worked with.

Created through the vision of Lady Bamford, she wanted to produce food, clothing and beauty products that were entirely natural after the birth of her first child. The result is Bamford.

The Haybarn

As part of my training with Bamford I spent a week at The Haybarn in The Cotswolds. For anyone based in the UK, a visit to The Haybarn should be on your to do list!

You can spend the entire day there and indulge in Bamford Spa treatments, enjoy their coffee shop, dine in their restaurant, experience their organic farrm, Daylesford (the largest organic farm in the UK), shop in their clothing store and even take cooking and florestry courses. I was there to get some intensive training into the Bamford product range and study all their massages, facials and treatments.

Why is massage important after skiing?

Massage warms up the skin. It gets blood flowing to the muscles. It brings back circulation. It removes toxins and lactic acid. Oxytocin (the feel good hormone) is released into the body through the physical contact and from the oils. Massage helps with relaxation, drains toxins, add nutrients to the skin. We use aromatherapy in the treatments to further enhance this experience and process.

The main Bamford Oils:

  • geranium

  • peppermint

  • lavender

  • 90% of guests in BC chalets choose these oils.

  • There are also oils such as camomile and rosemary available.

Best Bamford massage for after ski

For skiers, the best massages, and the most popular are Swedish and deep tissue massage. Swedish massage is very good for sport. Although you can’t sleep during it!  Deep Tissue is also very effective after sport. It is both energising and relaxing. You will feel energised, re-boosted, and ready for your next day on the slopes.
Bamford Haybarn Spa in the Cotswolds is a centre of wellbeing, that nurtures the mind, body and spirit, based on Bamford's heartfelt connection with nature.

Haybarn Bamford Massage

Why do you love Bamford?

All the products are organic. They contain very few  ingredients. They are pure, organic and simple. This means they are efficient. They are very efficiently assimilated by the skin.

The Ethics

I also really respect the ethics of Bamford .they are dedicated to making products using the purest organic ethical products. For example, a lot of people request manicures and pedicures. It could be an impressive income stream for them. But it is impossible to make organic pure versions of these products. So Bamford said no. They went out and sourced the most ethical partner that they could find, but they refused to make it themselves.

Get a facial on holiday

It’s a really good idea to make time for a facial while on holiday. When you are at home you are surrounded  by a lot of toxins in environment, from the city, from the stress of life and work, and the pollution. When you are away in the mountains you are relaxing and the environment is very pure. It’s the perfect time to treat your skin. For men too. Bamford have such a great range for men. We all need to be spoilt!  

The Haybarn Spa offers a number of wellness programmes, yoga, pilates, facials and massages. The day spa is located on the Daylesford Farm where guests can also discover their award-winning farm shop and cafe.

Author: Claire Garber

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