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19 Jun 2017

Ski holidays used to be synonymous with over-indulgence. They were like a throwback to the early 1980s – everything done to ultimate excess. We would super-size ourselves from the minute we arrived; full English breakfasts followed by mid-morning beers; long lazy lunches then regular stops for gallons of sugary mulled wine. That was before the après, the luxurious fine dining which was always followed by yet more booze.

Ski holidays were just one long consumptive experience and that was before considering the sport itself. Because a ski holiday involves tackling an extreme sport, for 7 days straight, with little or no preparation. There were no pre-ski massages; no post-piste stretching; no forethought, afterthought, aftercare. Our bodies went home battered, bruised, and malnourished while at the same time always several pounds heavier. Some went home with their bodies twisted, fractured or broken – months of rehab or recovery ahead of them.


We Ski Differently

Here in the mountains we don’t live how you ski. Our year-round mountain lives centre around a very different ethos. Jonny England might not spend every day on a mountain. But we do. This is our life. This was our choice. We hike up them, ski down them, run across them, at 2000 meters above sea level, before swimming in mountain lakes. The air is thinner here, the climate different, hell, even our blood is thicker, and that is how we sustain ourselves while we enjoy everything the mountains offer.

So coming here, over-indulging in everything you are handed, from chocolates on pillows to fine wines and Michelin starred food, then hitting first-lifts, clocking up miles on piste, with no preparation; without proper nutrition, little hydration, and no post physical care. All we can say is…
What are you thinking?

Here in the mountains we don’t live how you ski

It’s not you. It’s me.

But then we realised. We live here. We should know better. It’s our fault. We’ve not been taking proper care of you. We’re not writing off a ski holiday of ultimate luxury. You can ski and indulge in any way you choose. But we are also offering you a way to ski differently and enjoy the mountains in a different way.

A luxury ski holiday can be about turning over a new leaf. It can be about jump-starting a healthier way of living, or continuing the good work you already do at home. We can offer private yoga, detoxifying menus and rejuvenating spa treatments. Work with sports massage therapists, enjoy a ‘clean menu’, juice cleanse, detox or participate in après that leaves your body and mind thanking you in the morning.

We are a clean living bunch here in the mountains and we want you to be able to enjoy our world. So perhaps take a moment to rethink your luxury ski holiday and enjoy a luxury ski retreat, where luxury well-being is the focus of your holiday and you become friends with the mountains and your body.

Be better. Ski better.

Want to know more about the BC WellBeing Packages? We will be releasing full details in the next few days but Get in touch now and we can send you a preview.

Author: Claire Garber

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