The 36-hour luxury ski break

17 Jan 2018


You might have work commitments coming out of your ears. Your work-life balance might have swung heavily in the direction of work, but surely you could give yourself 36-hours off to do a bit of skiing? We arranged it for some of our guests. They are the happy people in the photos. Read on to find out how …

The importance of playtime (piste time)

In recent years there have been major developments in the area of ‘play’. A lack of playtime is now seen as a major health obstacle. Doing things, just because they’re fun, not because they’ll help achieve a goal, is vital to human development.

According to research, playtime can relieve stress, boost creativity, improve brain function, and improve our relationships with other people. It’s accepted by psychologists and researchers as an essential component for childhood development — and a lack of play time is seen as a major health obstacle for poor and inner-city children.

And play isn’t just a human luxury. We’ve all watched dogs play, cats play, monkeys play, even Dolphins. We don’t have to be taught how to play. We just know. For evolutionary reason it exists. Which is why psychologist now argue that by abandoning play, we’re abandoning an important part of ourselves.

Lets’ bring this back to skiing, because if your playtime is piste-time then we need to get practical. How can you fit play–ski in your already overly committed diary? Here’s how we helped our clients make time for playtime.

Your 36 hour schedule - based on a true story

The 36-hour ski break was designed to take people from their offices to the piste and back again before you can say après. You can indulge in quality piste time and luxury chalet time with less than 48 hours lost. Here’s how.

Day 1


Go to the office. Do a token amount of work. Jump on the DLR to City. Take the 11:40am flight to Geneva.


Flight lands at Geneva airport. Driven by private transfer to Les Gets. Meet our Chalet Manager and our Ski Technician at the bottom of the piste for an on-piste ski and snowboard fitting at our Perrier Jouet champagne bar.


Skiing. Skiing. Skiing. Let the playtime begin!


Time for après drinks at the bottom of the piste.


Your private chauffeur takes you to Ferme de la Corderie where you are welcomed with more Champagne.




A hot tub on the deck? A quick sauna? Maybe enjoy a spa treatment in our in-house luxury Bamford Spa? All of the above qualify as life-affirming, health-giving, restorative playtime.


Canapés and cocktails by the fire before an exquisite dinner prepared by your private chef.


5-course evening dinner prepared by our critically acclaimed Head Chef, Nick Lyon-Dean


Digestifs by the fire. You’ve done well. You’ve played like a champion.


Day 2 | 24 hours gone


Get up early for an amazing breakfast from our famous Breakfast Club menu served at Ferme de la Corderie.


Your Chauffeur waits to take you to the mountain for first lifts.


First lifts. First tracks. We’d recommend heading straight for the Ranfolly Bowl. Open up the corduroy or the powder – your choice.


Coffee break at Grand Cry? Or keep tracking the pistes. You’ve got 3 hours left.


Lunch on the terrace of La Paika to enjoy their famous views. Or take on the moguls under the chairlift? 90 minutes and counting.


Enjoy your final ski down to meet your transfer. Leave your skis and equipment with us. Your bags are already in the van. All you have to do is sit back and relax. You’ve played well.

To find out more about our 36 hour ski break or organising a corporate ski break get in touch.

Author: Claire Garber

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