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20 Aug 2018

Having to fill a luxury chalet with furniture, fixtures and fittings may seem like the most wonderful challenge. But in reality, creating a luxury space requires a series of design choices that accumulate in the thousands – from light fixtures, bathroom features and bed sheets, to the perfect set of knives and forks, from the most sumptuous sofa and decadent room scents to the most inviting collection of cushions. So what are some of the design choices behind Ferme de la Corderie? How can we recreate the look? We hear from the owner of this beautiful chalet…


I always have a renovation project on-the-go in one of our houses. I am sure it drives my husband slightly mad! Luckily for us, or for my husband, we have a large barn where I can try and contain the mess. It is now full of antiques and curiosities that I collect. I can’t go anywhere without discovering something. Either on our travels, or in antique shops, or at auctions.  I tend to buy things simply because I love them and hope, one day, that they will fit perfectly into one of my projects. And so it was with the hanging chair in Corderie. It is an earlier love story. I saw it and just thought how much I would love to use it one day. When we bought Corderie I knew I had to use it there. Now I can’t imagine the lounge space without it. We all love it and use it often. In fact when our children were little I would often find both of them in there together!



I had a William Holland copper bath in our old farmhouse in Sussex.  I absolutely loved it. So when we purchased Corderie I decided I would also like one there. I had tried to stick to natural materials as much as possible in the restoration so the copper bath seemed to also fit perfectly with this ethos.  William makes baths with such fabulous poportions and that also worked well in the spacious Corderie bathrooms. In fact it's all the bathrooms and bathtubs that have required us to install two very large hot water tanks at Corderie! How else could we fill all our lovely baths!



Candles are definitely my thing!   I nearly always have a candle burning in my house and I like to change them with the seasons. I think all the senses need to be aroused in order to truly enjoy a space.  The visuals of Corderie are important, but the smell of a place, the feel, the warmth, the peace, the light - these are all important elements of the same package. Smell is especially important to me. Which I think is why candles have become such a pivotal part of every room I design.

I really enjoy sourcing candles. Personal favourites for Corderie include Baies in the summer from Diptyque and their winter limited editions.  A very talented friend of mine is about to launch her own candle range which I can’t wait to use, she bought her samples over for me to ‘sniff’ the other day and there is a particular favourite that I want to use in the chalet, so watch this space.  I also love Cire Trudon candles and they are always on my Christmas present list.


The very talented James Ransley of Whetstone Oak made this for me. This is one piece of wood, which came from an old oak tree.
I gave James the dimensions and off he went to find a tree big enough! I got an excited call from him one morning  saying he had located a tree, and it had been sliced. So I raced over to his yard in Ashford where he had several slices for me to choose from. Once I had the slice we then had to start drying it. This was a process that took many many months.

The table is a very clever piece of engineering. If you look underneath you will see what I mean. Every now and then we have to tighten the mechanism under there as the table dries a little bit more over the years.


We had it delivered to our house in Sussex and have a great photo of about 8 very fit removal men loading it into the removals truck to take it to the alps. When it arrived we had fortunately not yet installed the upstairs balcony doors as that was the only way it would go in.

The same lovely 8 men carried it around the back of the chalet and leant it up against the building, three of us, including me, then ran into the house and up to the balcony and we sat on one end like a cantilever, the rest of the men then ran upstairs and pulled it through the opening!  That table has seen a lot of fun over the years, many people have ended up dancing on it!! 


This was love at first sight.  I have always loved Flexform sofas. Their proportions are fabulous and they are so so comfortable.  They are a financial investment, but I believe they are worth every penny – many a friend has been caught having a sneaky snooze on that sofa!  But be warned, once you are on it, you can lose the will to get back up. We have ended up cancelling quite a few dinner reservations after getting a little bit too relaxed on it – why go out to eat when you can stay home and have pizza and movie night on the sofa in Corderie?



Before we had children, Matthew and I always skied in America and I think I subconsciously wanted to bring in a little bit of an ‘Aspen’ feel to Corderie.  The gentleman who makes these chandeliers is based in Montana and works very closely with you to get the proportions correct. His chandeliers can be found in some very high profile properties such as Ralph Lauren’s ranch.  We already had a few pieces for Corderie coming from the States so I had a storage facility there. When we were ready to ship everything over the crate for the chandelier was absolutely enormous. The look on the electrician’s face was a picture when they realised they had to put it up. I think they began to dread everytime I said I had a ‘light fitting’ to put up as the hallway one (made bespoke in the UK) is also rather large.  They also did not enjoy hanging the lights over the kitchen island as I gave them a plan, in millimetres, as to where each light should go and its height – pinpoint precision.



I have two!  Firstly curled up in the corner on the big sofa where I have a view of the ski slopes up the mountain behind us and the hustle and bustle going on in the chalet.  Secondly, my bath, which is perfectly positioned opposite the Perrieres ski slope. I love having a soak in there watching the last few skiers coming down the mountain at the end of the day.



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Ferme de la Corderie was nominated as World’s Best New Luxury Ski Chalet in the World Ski Awards 2017.



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