Project: Express Morzine-Avoriaz

28 Jul 2017

It was the stuff of urban legends – the mythical gondola that would connect Morzine Village to its high-altitude neighbour, Avoriaz 1800, effectively making these already well-connected ski areas into one gigantic ski hub slap bang in the middle of the Portes du Soleil. This year these plans took on solid form with the release of a proposed budget and works schedule.

Project Morzine-Avoriaz 2020

The level of investment promised in the Morzine-Avoriaz 2020 project is almost unprecedented in European ski resorts. It will create a link between Morzine Village and Avoriaz 1800 creating a super resort in the middle of the Portes du Soliel, the largest ski area in the world.
€147.9 million on lift and piste development over the next 20 years

While this ski connection has been rumored for close to a decade, approvals have finally be granted, investment secured and plans released. Morzine Source Magazine attended the recent council meeting and shared their notes in a recent article. Here is a summary of their findings.

So, let us introduce you to the new Express Morzine-Avoriaz.

The Express Morzine-Avoriaz - the location

The Express Morzine-Avoriaz will have its base at the top of Morzine's Rue du Bourg. If you are familiar with Morzine village, this equates to just right of the current Odlo shop and opposite the opticians.

The Express Morzine-Avoriaz (EMA) gondola will run from here, over the rooftops of Morzine, towards the existing Prodains Express base at the foot of the Avoriaz cliffs, before continuing on to Avoriaz.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019 with completion anticipated in 2021.


The Village - From The Pleney to the EMA base station

To better connect the new lift station with The Pleney a tunnel and escalator will be built beneath Morzine village. This connection, between the Morzine-Les Gets side of the valley and the wider Portes du Soleil, will then be easier, and faster, than ever before. Skiers and snowboarders will no longer need to walk across the resort, enjoying covered and direct access, with little walking in ski boots carrying heavy ski equipment (sparing all of our backs, ankles, knees and toes!) The budget for this new development is a staggering €35 million with a further €11.6 million to be spent on surrounding infrastructure.

Additionally, a new bus station will be created beneath the new lift station in the area known as Le Plan - the site of the current carpark in front of Carrefour.


Morzine Avoraiz Ski Area New Lifts

Morzine & Super Morzine

Investments will also be made improving the Super Morzine sector of Morzine. This work will commence in 2018 and continue over the next 10 years, creating year-on-year improvements and advancements. From 2025 onwards, new lifts and new pistes will be created within the Morzine ski area, with both Tour and Choucas highlighted for development. In total, €147.9 million has been allocated to the development of piste and lift infrastructure in Morzine-Avoriaz over the next 20 years.

Parking Improvements close to the Pleney

Shame on us but we still enjoy driving to our preferred ski area, parking close to the lift, then casually changing into our ski boots before sauntering to the lift, ready for our day on the piste. This is, of course, already easily possible at Prodain, Super Morzine, Ardent and Avoriaz. Pleney are now making dreams come true with the addition of 600 new parking spaces within a 5-minute walk of the Pleney lift.

Step on board

If you want to get a feel for the new Express Morzine-Avoriaz cable car, have a look at this simulation. It was created back in 2013, at an earlier stage in the development of the project, but it still gives you a sense of what will be created.

Start at 5m55s to avoid the long joyless PowerPoint presentation that preceded the simulation, and feel grateful that you were not one of the audience members back in the actual 2013 presentation who had no such ability to ‘fast forward’.


Based on the meeting notes from

Author: Claire Garber

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