In the Ivy

29 Jul 2018

This puts the wow into weekend. Impress with this slick summer cocktail with orange blossom-infused vodka. Courtesy of San Diego’s very own, Juniper & Ivy.


  • 2 oz orange blossom-infused vodka

  • .75 oz fresh lemon juice

  • .75 oz summer berry-riesling emulsion


Begin with a rapid infusion of orange blossom and vodka using a thermal whip container (if you don't have a thermal whip container, the standard infusion process can be used).

Add the pressed lemon to the infused vodka and pour over crushed ice.

Top the cocktail with an emulsion of summer berries and riesling.

Garnish with an edible orchid. for more food and drink inspiration?

Want to know more about the BC Signature Cocktails planned for this winter? Then get in touch.

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