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04 Apr 2017

Amy Dearlove is successful Singer / Songwriter living in Morzine in the French Alps. With a potential place on the Glastonbury stage this year, everything in her career is moving in the right direction. But her journey wasn’t always so clear cut.

When you can’t escape your destiny

In her late teens, after studying at Stage School in the UK, Amy decided to give up her lifelong dream to create music having become disillusioned with the realities of the music industry. She moved to Morzine to do a ski season and took a job working in a local ski chalet. But destiny had other things in mind. One night she decided to sing in a local open mic night and that choice changed everything. She was immediately offered a season long gig singing in resort. Her chalet career was over. Music was back.

Pushing in the wrong direction.

Amy spent the next few years singing, songwriting and touring the Alps. But with a lack of musicians to connect with, a lack of music industry connections, and limited opportunity to progress she decided to leave Morzine and pursue music back in the UK. She located herself in Bristol which was a hub of new musical talent and well connected to the London scene.

“I was physically closer than ever to my dream. I was closer to all the connections and resources I needed. Yet I couldn’t have been more alone. I remember one defining moment, being stood in Glastonbury the weekend of the Glastonbury Festival, but having no connection to it at all. I was totally lost.”

It was shortly after this Amy fell pregnant and decided that the best place to raise a child would be the French Alps. She moved back to Morzine and music took a backseat for a while.

“As a musician in Bristol I felt very disposable. There was lots of competition. I didn’t think that the artists there were as valued as I would have liked.  No one was interested in creating partnerships, of nurturing talent, of developing connections and longer term relationships.”

Back in Morzine after the birth of her daughter Romey, Amy decided to start to reinvest in her music career. She put out an advert saying she was auditioning for new band mates and the response was overwhelming.

“From feeling disconnected with a lack of resources, I suddenly had an abundance of all things. Each new connection brought with it further opportunity. I was living in the same place I had lived for years, yet everything felt different.”

From one advert she created 3 new bands, each creating and playing music in different genres. And the connections just kept coming. People came out of the woodwork with an array of different talents, all wanting to collaborate.

“It was strange to realise that the place I thought was restricting my career progression ended up being the thing I needed to be successful. Even when I was in Bristol I realised that all my connections had come from friendships made in the French alps. Any opportunities seemed to come by way of Morzine, so I decided to shift my perspective. I realised that an artist could thrive in the Alps, long term. And that revelation that changed everything.”

The Successes

Amy is currently involved in an array of different projects. She is writing and creating original music. She is performing with her 3 bands. She has a residency at Beanies every Thursday and Saturday and she performs private gigs, weddings and events. She was the first local artist to be asked to feature at The Lounge Festival in Les Gets (a huge summer music festival that shuts down the whole town with open air gigs in every bar and on every street). She featured in the Rock the Pistes festival last year. She was even part of an Emerging Talent competition last year (a bit like the French version of the X Factor).

“I saw the application the day it was closing so quickly sent them a video of my work. They came back straight away and asked me to apply and I was lucky enough to make it through several rounds. After being dropped I was then asked back for the final rounds which I actually decided to decline. It was another amazing example of learning more about what I do and don’t want in life, and how opportunities can arrive from nowhere, no matter where you are”.

She was also backed by a blogger from the Brixton Academy, London, to enter the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent competition, coming 12th two years ago.  She has just been asked to reapply this year, so fingers crossed we will see her on one of the Glastonbury stages this year.  And last summer she was even flown to the South of France to play a wedding and then also at a beachside Surf Retreat.

“It was amazing. Someone saw me perform in Morzine and asked me to play their wedding in the South of France. We were then invited to stay on at the couple’s surf camp in this incredible eco cabin. I went down with my daughter and family so it was a real adventure for us all. Playing the surf camp was magical – everyone sat on the sand as the sun set, lanterns in the trees, the waves in the background. It was incredible.’

The change of motherhood

Becoming a parent is definitive and life changing and for Amy this was no exception.

“Everything has changed for me since becoming a mum. Time is a precious resource so I make the most of every moment I have to devote to music. But that has also made me so much more productive. I want to set a good example for my daughter, as someone who works hard, who loves what they do and who lives with passion”.

Let go of the outcome

Amy’s attitude towards life and music has also shifted over the last few years.

“I used to have a very fixed vision in my head about what I was trying to achieve. I thought I needed to be in a certain city. I thought I needed to be in close proximity to the industry. But it was all just a creation in my head. Since coming back to Morzine I have realised that wherever you are, you are limitless. Boundaries are just a creation. I am still ambitious. I have put my intentions out to the universe, but then I have let them go. Since I let go of my expectations I have been able to enjoy the present so much more and, so much more has arrived in my life as a result. I truly appreciate the environment and culture where I live and with that more opportunities have come than I ever could have imagined”.

The Boutique Collaboration – Mountain High

Amy often performs private gigs in chalets, for weddings and birthdays. One of the most beautiful ceremonies was for one of The Boutique Chalet Company’s summer weddings, held in their luxury chalet, Ferme de Moudon.

“The chalet itself was the most amazing venue for a wedding. It is so intimate but at the same time everyone had their own space. On the day of the wedding the groom and groomsmen were all downstairs getting ready and playing pool and sitting on the deck. The bride and bridesmaids were all upstairs in the suite, with bridesmaids and little flower girls floating around. It was truly magical. We were in this luxury chalet, in the middle of a mountain forest with incredible views and total peace. I sang a solo acoustic song at the service, which was performed on Mont Caly, then sang again at the champagne reception back at the chalet. They had created the most magical woodland-forest table setting, all elfin and gorgeous. It was so beautiful and intimate and being able to participate in such a special day is one of the best parts of my job.

If you want to know more about Amy’s work, her life, listen to her music or find out how to book her for an event just get in touch.

Amy Dearlove An original singer songwriter right here in Morzine, came to the Mountain TV studio to play us her new song “Bear”, check it out! #LOVEMORZINE #CAFECHAUD #MOUNTAINTV #amydearlove #homeoforiginalmusic

Posted by Mountain TV on Monday, 30 January 2017

Author: Claire Garber

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