Finished on piste? Our Top 5 non-ski related activities (that will still make you p** your pants)

30 Aug 2017

Ski resorts are not just for skiing. In fact most towns have year-round populations with a penchant for all things extreme. So if you want a break from skiing, but still need your adrenaline fix, here’s our top 5 things to try. It’s what the locals do …

Our Top 5 non-ski related activities

Ice Diving

Yes. Ice Diving. Like a scene from Mission Impossible, or one of the 1980’s James Bond films, you are thrust under thick ice on a frozen lake where you explore the extraordinary hidden world underneath. Unlike Bond you’ll be submerged wearing appropriate gear, with a kind expert and no chance of a fight-to-the-death baddy hellbent on stealing your oxygen mask. But still ...  it runs pretty high on the adrenaline scale, especially if there's no post-dive sauna.

Sledging - French Style

English sledging involves walking up a small hill. Sledging down. Walking up a small hill. Sledging down. Then repeating several times before having a cup of tea. French sledging is a little different. You take last cable car to top of very big mountain. Have several vodka caramel shots. Wait until all the pistes are closed. Then descend said mountain, at dusk, possibly pitch darkness, in large pack of kamikaze sledgers, accompanied by an experienced French 'Sledge Guide' with a laisser faire attitude to safety. Sledging: No longer the safe

Husky Sledding

I know. Santa makes this look easy. But if you choose to be the driver of your own sled, then skill is required to master a pack of wolves. In the Alps you do have options; in summer you can be dragged around behind a husky while balancing on a giant skateboard; in winter the same husky will drag you around, this time with his mates, at high speed, with no desire to listen to your instructions. Go on! Try and master your own pack...


It looks so peaceful. It is so peaceful. Thousands of feet above the ground, mountain peaks as far as your eye can see, attached to an attractive French paragliding instructor. But it does also involve you running at high speed, on snow, while attached to another human, until your feet are literally dragged off the ground, probably mere seconds before you run off a cliff. And that’s not to mention the possible mid-air 360s and a landing that is so terrifyingly wind-dependent you may beg to stay airborne.


Speed Skiing

Not for the faint-hearted or technically poor skier. You ski towards the aforementioned cliff (No.4) and hope you take off before you reach it*. After flying through the air, hopefully not too close to any Alpine forests, you land, on your skis. This is not the next stage after mastering a shaky snowplough and will involve many crash landings and swear words. And yes I know, technically this is a ski-related, but still … it will make you p** your pants.

So if you find yourself with some alpine time to fill and a desire for more mountain thrills then why not try one of the above. All can be booked through the Concierge Service at The Boutique Chalet Company.


* training does actually start on-piste. But you will still be attached to a giant parachute… so it still qualifies as scary.  


Author: Claire Garber

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