Bourbon Peach Lemonade

01 August 2018

This perfect summertime cocktail is inspired by the end of peach season.

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In the Ivy

29 July 2018

This puts the wow into weekend. Impress with this slick summer cocktail with orange blossom-infused vodka. Courtesy of San Diego’s very own, Juniper & Ivy.



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Pineapple Punch with Ginger Beer

12 July 2018

Perfect if you’re in need of a crowd-friendly cocktail (with a spicy ginger kick) to sip on this weekend. This pineapple punch recipe is festive, fizzy, and easy to throw together.

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Chef Masterclass: The perfect soufflé

10 July 2018

So wowed have our guests been at Chef, Oliver Salt’s superb soufflés that he started giving a Master class.. Here we give you the how to on creating the perfect soufflé after you leave your Boutique Chalet.

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Blueberry Lavender Fizz

01 July 2018

Embrace summer with this fresh blueberry lavender cocktail with either soda water or champagne. Its the perfect way to start the weekend.

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The Perfect Post-Cycle Smoothie

01 May 2018

Finding the perfect post-work out smoothie can seem overwhelming. With an array of different recipes and recommendations out there it can seem impossible to know what your body really needs when in post-workout recovery. But who better than Team Sky, on the back of their recent Tour de France success, to create the perfect smoothie recipe.

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Banana, Strawberry & Basil Smoothies

29 April 2018

Pep up your day and cool down with our fresh and fruity Banana, Strawberry and Basil Smoothie. Perfect for recharging and refreshing in this hot weather…

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Apple and Elderflower Gin Fizz

28 April 2018

Bored of your mulled wine? Tired of teas and coffees? Looking for something a little different for your post ski pleasure? Ben from Chalet Twenty26 just let us in on his big springtime secret. The new Springtime cocktail he’s been making exclusively for the après ski pleasure of guests at Twenty26 …

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Shake up a Royal Gin Fizz

13 April 2018

To celebrate the upcoming Royal wedding why not shake up a Royal Gin Fizz… just the tipple for a balmy summer’s evening! Here’s our favourite recipe…

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Caramelised fig, orange and feta salad

13 March 2018

Summer hit the mountains this week with high temperatures and glorious sunshine. But changing seasons also means changing palates. Here is one of our Ottolenghi summer favourites, perfect for those temperature-topping days and balmy nights.

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a perfectly poached egg

10 February 2018

The perfectly poached egg is hard to master. One moment we are revelling at the sight of our perfectly poached creation, the next we are faced
with a scrambled mess of boiling water and eggy foam. Thankfully Head Chef, Nick Lyon Dean is here to help…

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Never stop eating: from Meribel to Courchevel with a couple of Michelin stars thrown in

07 January 2018

It’s not just about the snow. Whether we admit it to ourselves, or not, skiing is also about the eating. Here we have our top tips for incredible mountain dining after you have enjoyed the very best ski area in the world. From Meribel to Courchevel, with a couple of Michelin stars thrown in…

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Barolo and Barbaresco

14 February 2017

We don’t just want to serve wine. We want to serve great wines, produced by people who are as passionate about their product as we are ours. Our wine list isn’t simply the output of a boozy tasting or a ‘de facto’ recommendation by a local wine shop. We regularly visit producers…

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The foodies guide to Morzine in Winter

09 May 2016

In winter, Morzine is a veritable cornucopia of eating establishments. Last winter we took on the unfortunate task of trying out most of them to bring you a shortlist.  Here’s what Team Boutique think of them, and why…

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Winter Cocktails

14 January 2016

With temperatures plummeting, pistes powdery and long days spent at altitude, a post-piste tipple is not only important, it’s well deserved. We asked the BC staff to tell us about their favourite cocktails after a day spent tearing through powder…

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Culinary Creations

01 April 2015

Food is one of our passions here at The Boutique Chalet Company. Our mouths are always watering at the sight of the delicious creations prepared by our talented chefs…

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