5 Reasons to ski New Years

26 Sep 2017

We think how you start the new year directly impacts the rest of your year. So why wouldn’t you start it on snow? Here are our top 5 reasons why it is imperative to make sure you are skiing New Years.

New Year's Eve is often a source of stress - where to go, what to do, who to see, and how oh how are you going to get home. We think how you start the new year directly impacts the rest of your year. So why wouldn't you start it on snow? Here are our top 5 reasons why it is imperative to make sure you are skiing New Years.


1. It’s the ultimate New Year's resolution

What better commitment to yourself than to start the New Year on skis? It tells the universe, and anyone else who is listening, that you mean business. You take care of yourself. You put you first. You make time for the things that truly matter. Family, friends, snowball fights and powder days. New Year on skis say’s 2018, it’s on!


2. It's YOUR  holiday after the holidays

Who wants to rush back to work? Christmas isn’t always that relaxing. Yes, you’ve seen the family, the friends, the distant relatives and driven the length and breadth of the UK while ripping open presents and writing thank you cards. But don't you think you deserve a holiday after the holidays? Delay your return to the treadmill by jumping on a plane for a New Years Ski.


3. You are guaranteed quiet pistes

Ok, we can’t promise you your own ski resort, but historically, the 1st January is one of the quietest days on piste. If you are up early you can often find you have run and runs to yourself before the rest of the world wakes from their New Year’s Eve slumber. Maybe even celebrate French-style, on the 30th Dec, not the 31st, leaving you fresh for early runs on the 1st? Either way, we will, of course, organise your own private fireworks display from the comfort of your own chalet!


4. You will avoid New Year blues

Be honest. New Years Eve can be the ultimate anti-climax. Transportation nightmares, extortionate taxis, crowded tubes, exorbitant babysitters,  over-crowded bars, or a friends house with celebrations marred by childcare duties and clear up chores. This is before we consider your New Year’s Day hangover. Swap that for private fireworks in your luxury chalet, dinner made, cocktails served, party organised after a day on the pistes; followed by a New Years Days spent waking up in a spanking clean chalet, breakfast already made, ski boots heated, slopes ready, chauffeur waiting, childcare organised, the day, truly yours. Which one is likely to make you happier?



New Year skiing is the fittest way to start the new year. Skiing is good for you. It’s good for your body. Good for your health. Good for your mind. It’s impossible to think about anything other than the next run, the next piste, your lunch destination, the powder run, the post-piste massage or visit to your private spa. What better way to start the New Year? Your health practitioner will thank you.

Make 2018 count!

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Check out some of our New Year chalets.


On mountain high, this Morzine chalet is THE New Years destination. Not only will you have your own private fireworks but you will be able to watch the whole valleys.

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Be the first guests EVER to spend New Years in Chalet Joux Plane. It will be fully booked and covered in awards by this time next year!

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The magic here is once in a lifetime. It’s Grand Designs’ favorite chalet of all time.

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It’s award-winning. It’s breathtaking. It’s is the perfect New Years mountain hideaway.

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World Ski Awards nominee Ferme de la Corderie


Author: Claire Garber

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