Chalet Couttet. The Design Edit

04 July 2017

Chalet Couttet stands at the foot of the Mont Blanc and like its world famous neighbour is truly a one off. But there were design challenges for its new owners in their quest to create the ultimate luxury chalet…

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Caramelised fig, orange and feta salad

13 June 2017

Summer hit the mountains this week with high temperatures and glorious sunshine. But changing seasons also means changing palates. Here is one of our Ottolenghi summer favourites, perfect for those temperature-topping days and balmy nights.

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Owner Interview: Chalet Joux Plane

13 June 2017

Chalet Joux Plane wows you with its contemporary architecture and cutting edge design from the moment you first arrive. So one might assume that the owner set out with a clear design vision and an unabating drive to raise the architectural bar. In fact, his search for a mountain home started out as a tentative one…

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Designer in Demand – Andrew Laughland

12 June 2017

Laughland Jones have created some of the most famous, and some of the most famously unknown, luxury residences around the world. We were lucky enough to speak to the Founder, Andrew Laughland, about their work at Chalet Couttet and what it’s like to be a Designer in Demand.

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Sir Terence Conran – Master of Design

04 May 2017

Sir Terence Conran has been influencing the design preferences and culinary palates of the nation for more than 60 years. He was driven by a vision for what design could and should be. When he found it didn’t exist in post-war Britain, he created it, which is why he embodies the spirit of The Boutique Chalet Company …

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Why don’t fish from the sea taste salty?

01 May 2017

There are many things you learn working in the luxury travel industry. You meet an eclectic mix of people. You experience once in a lifetime destinations. And you work with some of the most talented individuals on the planet. What you learn from them normally stays with you forever. And this is no exception….

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Apple and Elderflower Gin Fizz

28 April 2017

Bored of your mulled wine? Tired of teas and coffees? Looking for something a little different for your post ski pleasure? Ben from Chalet Twenty26 just let us in on his big springtime secret. The new Springtime cocktail he’s been making exclusively for the après ski pleasure of guests at Twenty26 …

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Chef Masterclass: The perfect soufflé

10 April 2017

So wowed have our guests been at Chef, Oliver Salt’s superb soufflés that he started giving a Master class.. Here we give you the how to on creating the perfect soufflé after you leave your Boutique Chalet.

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Never stop eating: from Meribel to Courchevel with a couple of Michelin stars thrown in

07 April 2017

It’s not just about the snow. Whether we admit it to ourselves, or not, skiing is also about the eating. Here we have our top tips for incredible mountain dining after you have enjoyed the very best ski area in the world. From Meribel to Courchevel, with a couple of Michelin stars thrown in…

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Flow State

04 April 2017

Amy Dearlove is successful Singer / Songwriter living in Morzine in the French Alps. With a potential place on the Glastonbury stage this year, everything in her career is moving in the right direction. But her journey wasn’t always so clear cut.

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6 Reasons why it is better to Ski Easter

30 March 2017

It’s easy to forget Easter as a ski destination for your holidays. But Easter often knocks the snow-socks off the rest of the ski season. Here are six reasons we think it is always better to Ski Easter.

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Road Biking in the French Alps

29 March 2017

They say road biking offers something for everyone; a sport that allows you to discover the Alps in a truly unique way. But if ascending a mountain currently seems out of your comfort and fitness zone, Mark from Velovation is here to tell you why you are most definitely wrong…

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Chamonix for the family – summer

15 March 2017

Often viewed as ‘big mountain’ or ‘home of the extreme’ Chamonix is sometimes overlooked as a family destination.  In reality there are very few resorts in the world that can compete with what Chamonix offers families, year round. We take a look at just a few of the family treats available right now for visiting families.

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Summer in the alps: White water rafting

14 March 2017

Not everyone is sad when the spring snow starts to melt. For Frogs Rafting it signals the beginning of their white-water rafting season that can span May to October. White-water rafting is the flip-side to the alpine winter season and the Alps offers some of the best rafting, canoeing and kayaking…

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Your front row seat

05 March 2017

In recent years the French Alps have become a veritable cornucopia of musicians and performers who have relocated themselves away from the hub of London to create music in the beauty of the mountains…

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Barolo and Barbaresco

14 February 2017

We don’t just want to serve wine. We want to serve great wines, produced by people who are as passionate about their product as we are ours. Our wine list isn’t simply the output of a boozy tasting or a ‘de facto’ recommendation by a local wine shop. We regularly visit producers…

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a perfectly poached egg

10 February 2017

The perfectly poached egg is hard to master. One moment we are revelling at the sight of our perfectly poached creation, the next we are faced
with a scrambled mess of boiling water and eggy foam. Thankfully Head Chef, Nick Lyon Dean is here to help…

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Banana, Strawberry & Basil Smoothies

04 February 2017

Pep up your day and cool down with our fresh and fruity Banana, Strawberry and Basil Smoothie. Perfect for recharging and refreshing in this hot weather…

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No more unhealthy ski

19 January 2017

Ski holidays used to be synonymous with over-indulgence. They were like a throwback to the early 1980s – everything done to ultimate excess. We would super-size ourselves from the minute we arrived; full English breakfasts followed by mid-morning beers; long lazy lunches…

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Not perfect, but pistes

15 January 2017

We’d all been waiting for it. Praying for it. Dreaming about it. And finally* the snow fell, in bucket loads. Friday night, as I drove from Geneva into Les Gets…

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A luxury bathroom really can change your life…

11 January 2017

It’s science. It’s fact. Some of the greatest ideas ever conceived were done so in the bathroom. Archimedes came up with the principles of density and buoyancy when watching water flow as he drew a bath. Legend has it …

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08 January 2017

Heralded as one of the ‘must-do’ festivals of the year by The Metro, London, Snowbox secures incredible headline acts, organises events across the entire Portes du Soleil and transforms one of our favourite resorts…

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A day on the slopes : Meribel

03 January 2017

Sometimes you can have too much choice. There comes a crippling indecision when the world is quite literally your oyster. Some handy insights never go a miss. Which is why we love The Telegraph’s Ski Itineraries. Here we take at look at their one day guide to skiing Meribel.

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Big Mountain. Big Vision.

28 December 2016

The Boutique Chalet Company expands into Chamonix this winter, into Chalet Couttet. The chalet is currently being redesigned by internationally renowned architects and interior designers, Laughland Jones. Here we are given a behind-the-scenes look…

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Under the Microscope, Head Chef, Nick Lyon Dean

16 December 2016

With critical acclaim from the likes of The Telegraph he is the string to our BC bow. This week we are speaking to Head Chef, Nick Lyon Dean for Boutique Chalet’s  Under The Microscope…

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From conception to creation

15 December 2016

It remains one of the most iconic luxury ski chalets of our time, a chalet that was created before our very eyes, onscreen, as part of the Grand Designs Series…

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Top 9 health benefits of steam rooms and saunas

12 December 2016

They feel good… That’s all we knew for sure. But it seems that the benefits of steam rooms and saunas are far-reaching and scientifically proven. Here are some of the reasons you need to steam and sauna your way to better health…

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Events this winter in Morzine, Les Gets and Les Portes du Soleil

12 December 2016

There are always a multitude of events running throughout the ski season in all the ski resorts of the Portes du Soleil. Here are our Boutique Top Picks for your ski season calendar. Rock on Snowboard …

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Family Ski Fit

24 November 2016

The words ski fitness always result in a collective groan among my peer group. But winter sports holidays do require a certain level of fitness. But you don’t have to banish your family to the gym to get them ski-fit. Here are a few easy ways to get them mountain-ready…

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The Concierge

23 November 2016

The word concierge is still synonymous with the world of luxury hotels, exclusive locations and decadent requests being met at any costs. But the role of the concierge was not originally from the domain of the luxury hotel…

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Bored of the Piste? Try these 5 adrenaline-filled winter sports

20 November 2016

Ski resorts are not just for skiing. In fact most towns have year-round populations with a penchant for all things extreme. So if you want a break from skiing, but still need your adrenaline fix, here’s our top 5 things to try. It’s what the locals do …

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7 reasons to go skiing at Christmas

14 November 2016

There is still a certain stigma that comes from packing your bags over the festive period and fleeing the country.  Envious friends will tell you it’s a time for family. Needy relatives will claim you are robbing your kids of precious Christmas memories. The Daily Mail will cry…

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Gear Guide | What the Professionals are wearing

12 November 2016

Mark De Rosenwerth is our go to guy for all things ski. As one of the most highly qualified and experienced ski instructors and guides on the mountain, he gives us an insight into what he will be wearing on the slopes this year.

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The 36-hour luxury ski break

12 November 2016

There are 650 kilometres of pistes to be skied. There are infinite amounts of off-piste. There are snow parks, and night-sledging, and bubbling hot tubs waiting to be enjoyed, but you, you’re not even here.

You might have work commitments coming out of your ears. You work-life balance might have swung heavily in the direction of work, but surely you could give yourself 36-hours off to do a bit of skiing?

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ski chalets | stateside

12 November 2016

We all have some stereotypical image in our head of what a traditional American ski lodge looks like. There is normally an abundance of wood, checked-fabric covered soft furnishings, stone accents, big fireplaces and taxidermy galore. But it seems that North America has embraced a modernist revolution over recent years…

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Ski with a GB Olympic skier

11 November 2016

This year, our in-house ski instructor team has gone Olympic-standard with the addition of GB Olympic skier, Andy Freshwater. Andy spent 8 years on the British Alpine Ski Team and 6 years racing on the World Cup Circuit alongside the Bell brothers…

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Why no snow is the best thing that ever happened to a ski resort

04 November 2016

This was going to be the best snow year, ever.  We were promised El Nino way back in September, by a bunch of suit wearing experts on TV. They had colourful pie charts, infographics and moving weather maps, none of which really made any sense. In the Alps, snow started dumping down mid-November…

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Finished on piste? Our Top 5 non-ski related activities (that will still make you p** your pants)

30 October 2016

Finished on piste? Here are our top 5 adrenaline filled non-ski related activities (that will still make you p** your pants)…

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BC is Supporting Wounded Veterans

17 October 2016

Skiing With Heroes is a charity that helps wounded ex-Iraq and Afghanistan campaign soldiers back into employment through a ski-based support, mentoring, introduction and induction programme. Their work enables veterans to…

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Shake up a Royal Gin Fizz

13 October 2016

Celebrate World Gin Day (13th June) and shake up a Royal Gin Fizz… just the tipple for a balmy summer’s evening! Here’s our favourite recipe…

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BC Christmas Gifts for you

10 October 2016

Here at BC we want your Christmas to feel like the best one yet! So for any Christmas Week booked in our Exclusive Collection Chalets our guests receive our amazing Boutique Stocking filled with all these amazing goodies…

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Brexit White Out

08 October 2016

Brexit is a mountain of uncertainty, a complete white out. I recently attended a forum, 90 minutes on ‘post brexit’ which led us pretty much round in circles. It was only this week that Theresa May declared article 50 will be submitted by March 2017 and we should be ‘Britain’ again by 2019.

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A Boutique Christmas

25 September 2016

I can’t imagine spending Christmas anywhere other than the mountains.Ever since I was little, I dreamed of a white Christmas. Even now, even though we live in the mountains and even though a white Christmas here is there is still a spark of excitement on Christmas morning when I look out at the blanket of soft white snow.

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Too few of you to rent a whole chalet?

23 September 2016

Some people always travel in pack. You know the ones. The enormous family of 16 spanning three generations. But what about those of us used to travelling with somewhat of a smaller entourage? The Boutique Hotel is here for you …

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The Wine Guy

12 September 2016

Dream jobs. They definitely exist. Travel writers, chocolate tasters, anyone who works for the Michelin guide. But what about, wine taster? What about being paid to scour the globe searching for great wine…

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City Ski-Fit – get piste ready, the easy way

05 September 2016

The words ski fitness always result in a collective groan among my peer group. They all love to ski. But they don’t want to hit the gym months in advance of their ski holiday…

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5 years young

25 August 2016

The Boutique Chalet Company is 5 years young this year and we want to celebrate with you in London. Join us for an evening of bubbles and canapés at the flagship London store of our newest partner, Bamford…

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Under the Microscope, Ski Instructor Mark

11 July 2016

The Boutique Chalet Company has a dedicated team of ski instructor guides available exclusively to our clients. Here we go Under the Microscope with Mark to find out a bit more about his background and more importantly to get some top ski tips…

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Fun facts about the Tour De France

08 June 2016

As the Tour de France 2016 fast approaches here are some fun facts about the 2015 Tour de France. Want to watch this years Tour De France? Still not sorted your Morzine Tour De France accommodation? Come and join the fun!

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A 21 year love affair with The White Company

12 May 2016

Over the last 21 years, The White Company has developed from simple concept into global brand. The vision of founder Chrissie Rucker – to offer beautiful products, outstanding value for money and first class customer service – has always resonated with us at The Boutique Chalet Company…

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The foodies guide to Morzine in Winter

09 May 2016

In winter, Morzine is a veritable cornucopia of eating establishments. Last winter we took on the unfortunate task of trying out most of them to bring you a shortlist.  Here’s what Team Boutique think of them, and why…

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Retrospective: The season in review by Head Chef Nick Lyon Dean

06 May 2016

As the season draws to a close we go under the microscope with Head Chef, Nick Lyon Dean to find out about the highs, the lows and the future plans.

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Under the microscope, Head Chef at Twenty26, Grace Knee

28 April 2016

Grace Knee is the highly talented chef from Twenty26. Filled with raw talent and a passion for food she wowed guests all season long. Here we find out more about the chef responsible for some of the most impressive cakes we have ever seen!

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Snow & Rock at Twenty26

17 April 2016

The name Snow & Rock is synonymous with all things mountain so we were incredibly excited to host them for their most recent photoshoot. They arrived in town with hoards of models, and truckloads of…

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Boutique Weeks are multiplying | The Boutique Hotel

15 April 2016

Last winter our ‘Boutique Weeks’ proved to be very popular! Now known as the Boutique Hotel, guests can enjoy a luxury chalet experience on a shared occupancy basis.

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The Twenty26 Spa

12 April 2016

The Boutique Chalet Company prides itself on creating perfect ski holidays, perfect summer breaks, perfect moments, perfect experiences. The Spa at Twenty26 is the newest offering and…

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Trivago: Morzine World’s No.1 Ski Resort

20 March 2016

News just in! Morzine has just been named the No.1 ski destination in the WORLD  by Trivago. A luxury travel blog reported the result that Morzine beat off competition from the likes of Whistler, Verbier, Val d’Isere, Zermatt and St Anton to take the top spot.

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Ultimate 2016 Spa Guide

22 February 2016

In honour of the opening of Twenty26’s luxury spa we decided to take a look at the best of the rest around the globe bringing you the ultimate 2016 spa guide. Here are our hand-picked top 7.

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Winter Cocktails

14 January 2016

With temperatures plummeting, pistes powdery and long days spent at altitude, a post-piste tipple is not only important, it’s well deserved. We asked the BC staff to tell us about their favourite cocktails after a day spent tearing through powder…

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Meet your instructor, Andy

10 November 2015

Andy spent 8 years on the British Alpine Ski team, 6 years racing on the World Cup Circuit alongside the Bell brothers. He represented his country in Sestriere’97 and Vail’99 at the World Championships and Nagano Olympics in 1998…

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Meet your instructor, Mark

10 July 2015

Mark was born in the North West of England and started skiing at an early age. Instantly drawn to skiing Mark became very passionate about all forms of skiing. When he joined the British Army he was appointed as a  Military Ski Teacher…

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Ferme de Moudon… a new chapter

01 April 2015

We’re excited to announce that for Winter 2015/16 the iconic luxury ski chalet, Ferme de Moudon will be re-launched as a flagship property in our Exclusive Collection. The chalet needs little by way of introduction, it is one of the most famous residences in the Alps…

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Culinary Creations

01 April 2015

Food is one of our passions here at The Boutique Chalet Company. Our mouths are always watering at the sight of the delicious creations prepared by our talented chefs…

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Terence Conran Timeline

04 May 2014
1931 - Born in Kingston upon Thames 1948 - Enrolled in Central School of...
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Things to do in a ski resort if you don’t want to ski

05 January 2011

Next time you have a down day in a ski resort we recommend trying out ALL of the following. Here are our top recommendations of things do in a ski resort if you don’t want to ski…

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